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How to Pack For the Next Itinerary?


The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step

There are three parts of an itinerary that is planning, packing, and proceeding. These 3P’s are very essential to make a trip successful. As a traveler we always want our trips to be the best ones because there is a plethora of emotions and time involved with it. But what bothers most travelers is the “second P” of 3P’s. Yes, you got me right. It is packing.

Some travelers consider packing as a nightmare. But there is nothing to worry about it anymore as you will find some amazing tips and tricks about packing in this blog. As a traveler myself, I really understand how important every inch of a suitcase is.

So, here we go


Roll Your Clothes

Yes, for ages we have folded our clothes while packing but this time, just roll them. It is fast and even maximizes space. Moreover, you can just use the classic layer cake fold for wrinkle-prone clothes.


Stack the Bras

If you want to save more space in your suitcase, then stack your bras. It even helps in maintaining the shape of your bras as well. Additionally, you can even store the underwears beneath the cups.


Use Shower Caps to Cover Your Shoes

If you want to keep your clothes neat and tidy, then this is an awesome trick. Moreover, the stinky smell from the shoes will not transfer to your clothes as well.


Stop Over Packing

Do not carry clothes that you will never wear on your itinerary. For instance, you can pack two tops for one bottom. In most cases, we tend to re-wear the same pants so there is no need to carry extras. Pro tip: go for bottoms that are light and dark.


Pack the Clothes Inside Out

If you want to avoid wrinkles and stains then this is the best solution. Pack all your light colored clothes inside out and keep them safe from unwanted stains and creases.


Don’t Carry Soaps

Trust me, it is extra stuff to carry. You will surely find soaps in every hotel you check in. Therefore, avoid taking soup and replace it with something that is useful.


Pack Cords and Chargers Separately

Nowadays, we carry a lot of gadgets with us and each of them has their own cords and charges. These cords and changes can be a pain in the neck if they get tangled. However, in most of the cases, they get badly tangled when you pack them with your clothes. So, to avoid this mess, just pack your charges in a separate pouch and place it in a different chamber of your suitcase.


Use Your Socks Mindfully

Don’t pack your glass bottled perfumes with your other stuff in the suitcase as these bottles can easily break. Therefore, put the breakables inside the socks to avoid an unwanted mess.


Pack an Extra Bag for Laundry

You can carry a lightweight medium sized bag to carry your laundry. Do not carry your unwashed clothes with your clean garments as it is unhygienic. However, the stinky smell from the unwashed clothes can even transfer into the clean ones.


Keep these simple tips and tricks in your mind while you pack for your next itinerary. Packing is not a nightmare if it is done in a proper way. Your luggage is your style statement, so keep it simple, lightweight and practical.


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